October 05, 2016

Who is the Riskiest Person in your Business?

Drumroll, please: I am very excited to announce that ThisData now shows you who your most high-risk users are by calculating a risk score for every user profile in your account!

This is a big deal

You know that saying "We never saw it coming"? Well, that won't be you because now you can see suspicious events stacking up against a user profile reflected in a high risk score. You might well be the one saying "We could see the breach coming and we stopped it in it's tracks." Wow. Wouldn't that be nice?

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How it works

What you now see when you look at the Users tab is that we have added a column that shows you a user's 'Risk Score'. This is their average risk to your business aggregated over the last 7 days.

Things to know:

  • Risk scores are visible on the Audit Log tab too

  • On both the User & Audit Log tabs you can filter the list of users by their level of risk, which means you can easily find your most at-risk users.

Side note: Profile risk scores are generated as we receive events. They’re on many profiles already and you’ll see them gradually appear across all the profiles in your account as we assess new behavior.

Behind the scenes: How the risk score is calculated

To calculate the risk score ThisData looks at a user's events over the previous 7 days of activity and aggregates the level of risk they pose to your business in to a Risk Score. So, if a user's most recent events were very risky, their profile will reflect this with a high risk score.

In other words, we tell you which of your users are the most high risk at any given time, so that you can stay on top of potential weaknesses in, or threats to, your security posture.

We empower you with user insights to make smarter security decisions.


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