December 30, 2014

How To Enable Two-Factor Authentication in ThisData

ThisData offers Two-Factor Authentication (aka 2FA, aka Two-Step Verification, aka its more secure!) for all accounts.

What is Two-Factor Authentication anyway?

Two-Factor Authentication is an extra step when you sign-in to your ThisData account. First off you enter your normal username and password, and then if that is authenticated, we will ask you for a special security code. The code will be delivered to your phone either via text message (SMS) or by the Authy app if you have that installed.

In a nutshell, enabling Two Factor Authentication makes your ThisData account more secure.

How do I enable it in ThisData?

To turn on Two Factor Authentication in your ThisData account, simply log in and click on the Settings icon in the top right corner - it looks like a little cog.

  • Next select Security from the side bar and you will see this screen. Click the purple 'Set Up TFA' link in the Two Factor Authentication area.

  • You will be prompted to enter your mobile number so that you can receive your code, or you can use Authy as per the on-screen instructions:

* Once you have your security code via text message (or Authy), you need to enter the code and click 'Confirm':

Voila! You now have two-factor authentication enabled.

Now every time you log in to your ThisData account with your Username and Password, you will then be prompted to enter a token that has been sent to your phone. A new one will be sent each time you log in, unless you check the box for your computer to be remembered for 30 days (here's how that works).

Enabling two-factor authentication in ThisData is just another way that we're making your account and data more secure than ever before :)

Happy New Year!


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