December 14, 2016

G Suite Upgrade: Faster Load Time & New Summary Pane!

Seeing as you all have been so good, we thought we'd give you a little present today 🎁. This morning we released an upgrade for our G Suite customers - here's what you have to look forward to next time you log in!

Super speedy page loading

One thing you may notice right away is page loading is way faster. If you have a lot of apps connected, the page used to take a little bit of time to load. No more! We've turbo boosted the page loading speed so it's now lightening⚡️fast.

New Summary Pane of Apps Activity

Before today when you clicked in to 'Apps' on the menu you would see a long list of the apps that users had connected to your account by using their Google Profile to log in. And you had to click on an individual app to drill in to more detail.

But not any more! Now when you go to the Apps area you still see your list of apps, but to the right side you now have a clickable summary pane of information showing:

  • Recent Activity
  • Newest Apps added
  • Apps with the most users connected.

This now makes it ridiculously easy to see what's happening in your G Suite right away. Woo!

And you can click on anything you like in the summary pane to dive a little deeper.

App Detail & Trust Score

When you click on an App in the main list, the summary pane will pop up information about that app. From that summary you can go further in to 'Manage Users' or 'View Permissions'. A really cool part of this new feature is that all ThisData users can assign a Trust score to the app right there from the summary pane. What you will see is the average score across all user ratings:

Let us know what you think. We really hope you enjoy this great new upgrade!


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